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Ensuring information security for Center On Digital is critical to the success and continuity of the company. In cases where information security is not adequately provided, there will be a risk of reputational loss as well as financial losses. To prevent such negativities from happening, the ISO/EIC 27001 standard is applied in order to control and manage the risks in the field of information security.


Center On Digital carries out the following activities, including the ISO/IEC 27001-Information Security Management System, which provides an international framework:

  • Establishment, operation, monitoring, review and continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard
  • By fulfilling the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, relevant laws and regulations, protecting information systems, minimizing the risk of the work done and trusting the business.
  • Protecting organizations' critical information, such as financial data, intellectual property, and sensitive customer information
  • Identification, systematic review and management (elimination or reduction) of risks to information assets
  • Determination and implementation of necessary security measures
  • Protecting the dignity and reputation of institutions
  • Continuously monitoring and reviewing information security threats and opportunities, developing solutions to protect them from their harmful effects, and taking necessary measures.
  • Organizing seminars, training and workshops, preparing presentations and documents, etc., which will improve the competencies of stakeholders in this field in order to increase awareness of information security.
  • Allocating all the resources needed to continuously improve the level of information security and manage the risks under control
  • Ensuring the awareness of the objectives in the field of information security by sharing them within the organization, reviewing them regularly and evaluating the results obtained, making the necessary improvements and arrangements
  • By signing a confidentiality agreement with the institution prior to the information security studies, legally securing all kinds of information and documents to be obtained during and after the studies, in line with the acceptance of the confidentiality of the institution
  • Complete compliance with laws, regulations and other legislation on the protection of personal data

Center On Digital can change the provisions of this Information Security Policy at any time by publishing it on the website, and the amended provisions become valid on the date they are published on the website.

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Bilgi Güvenliği Politikamız